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Insights and Discussions on Female Entrepreneurship at the World Islamic Economic Forum


  • Shinya Yokoyama of Food Diversity, Inc. delivers a speech at the WIEF online event.
  • Participants from Southeast Asia and Africa join the forum.
  • The consensus was reached on the digital era being advantageous for women.

The WIEF is an annual event organized by the organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year’s theme was “#iEmPOWER Women Drive: A Way Forward in Halal Economy,” focusing on the achievements of female entrepreneurs. In this precious event, Food Diversity, Inc. co-founder, Mr. Yokoyama, recently took part and gave a speech in the forum.

Panelists from Indonesia, Spain, and Japan participated in the event, with a moderator invited from Singapore. The discussions revolved around the progress of halal economies in different countries, efforts made during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role of female entrepreneurs.

The audience included participants not only from East Asia but also from various African countries. They engaged in lively exchanges regarding the advancement of women’s status, entrepreneurship in challenging economic environments, and building networks.

Regarding Japan, Shinya Yokoyama pointed out the significant contributions of Muslim women in the fields of tourism and education, providing specific examples such as micro-influencers and involvement in multicultural education. Furthermore, he emphasized the pressing issue of population decline in certain regions, explaining that securing talent was not only a challenge for women but for the entire country.

In the speech, he highlighted that Japan’s halal business sector is witnessing a resurgence with many players returning to the starting line. This represents a new opportunity for entrepreneurship. With these remarks, the forum came to an end.


About Shinya Yokoyama

Co-founder of Food Diversity, Inc.
Co-founder of Career Diversity, Inc.
CEO of Yokoyama & Company, Inc.

Recognized for multiple entrepreneurial ventures in Japan and overseas, Shinya Yokoyama received the Entrepreneurship Award from the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2016 (the first Japanese recipient). He is also an economic news columnist for NNA ASIA.

He has authored the book “Delicious Diversity: Opening Up Japan’s Gastronomic World” (published by Korokara Co., Ltd.).

He serves as a part-time lecturer at the Business Breakthrough University School of Management and the International College of Toyo University.