Written by Nazeer Ahmed-san
Myself along the members of Masjid committee were looking for someone who can support for Halal drinks in vending machines, one of our Masjid Committee staff Imtiaz Bhandkia who is the senior member of JU Car auction which is located in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture, auction organizers were looking to install a vending machine which should be useful for Muslims, so there is a company (perhaps you know) “Top Amenity” who is working for halal bento (lunch box) and water, etc. Mr. Sanada from Top Amenity company came for a discussion with auction authorities and took the decision to install 2 vending machines.
So finally on Nov 6th, 2015, we succeeded to install Japan’s first vending machine which has all halal drinks, and shortly it will have halal marked water pet bottles in. (Halal water is not available right now because its first time order to Halal water company so they need 2-3 weeks of the period to prepare Halal Labels and bolted the water)

Top Amenity Co Ltd(Japanese language site only)

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