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Samurai Ramen UMAMI starts its sale of bag noodles

From 1st in June 2017 onwards, Samurai Ramen UMAMI starts to sell noodles packed in bag unlike the existing noodle in paper box.

Samurai Ramen Umami

This Samurai Ramen UMAMI contains no alcohol, no animal, no MSG at all, which is equal to the noodles with high quality available for Muslim, Vegan, Vegetarian as well.
*Not Halal-certified

Even all chemicals, preservatives are excluded from the noodle and its soup.
So, a lot of people who tried this ramen get astonished by its taste with saying “Is it animal-free? Amazing!”

Broth abstracted from vegetables and spice adds very exquisite matching with noodles, without feeling heavy like animal foods.

The origin of production of this bag noodle is rooted on the voice of people who wanted to enjoy more easily.





This noodle is not only for Japanese, Muslim, Vegetarian, but for EVERYONE!!

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