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Halal White Soup Ramen Recipe

Writer: Rahmania Radjadi (

mouth-watering ramen

The result looks delicious isn’t it?

Who doesn’t want ramen? Many tourists who come to Japan want to taste the authentic Japanese ramen. The savory taste of the broth and the hot soup often mouth-watering me, especially during autumn and winter. It is a shame that we as Muslims do not have many options when it comes to authentic ramen taste. As we know that most Japanese ramen always use pork for the broth.

Tokyo has some halal ramen shops like the Naritaya and Honolu. The limited option of halal ramen shop that we could visit in Japan compared with the normal shop ones makes me learned how to make my own ramen at home. So far I could make two types of Japanese ramen with an acceptable taste (my family approved the taste) which are the clear soup type and the white soup type. The white soup type alone can be made in two versions which are using chicken for the broth or the vegetarian version broth using soy milk. I make the vegan soup version more often because it is easier to make than the chicken ones.

How to cook

This recipe serves four portions. Here are the ingredients you need:


* 1 piece of kelp (kombu)
* 1 dried shitake mushroom
* 1 cup of water


* 4 cloves of garlic
* 1/2 thumb-sized ginger or 1 tablespoon of ginger paste
* 1 large leek
* 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds
* 2 tablespoons of sesame oil
* 1/3 cup of chili paste
* 1/3 cup of miso paste
* 2 tablespoons of apple juice as sake substitute
* 2 cups of soy milk (unsweetened one)
* 4 tablespoons of soy sauce
* a pinch of pepper
* a pinch of salt
* water to adjust the soup thickness
* 4 portions of ramen noodle


* Boiled corn
* Been sprouts
* Hard-boiled egg
* Chicken
* Any toppings you like

Cooking steps

1. Soak the kelp and dried shitake mushroom in a bowl for about 30 minutes
2. After soaked, boiled them for about 15 minutes to make dashi (remove the kelp and dried shitake before boiling). You can use the mushroom as a topping if you want to
3. Prepare the ramen noodle
4. Grate the garlic until it transformed to a paste consistency
5. Grate the ginger, we only need the ginger juice
6. Separate between the leaf and the stem of the leek, sliced the stem and save the leaf for topping
7. Crushed the sesame seeds into a powder
8. Heat a medium-size pot
9. Add sesame oil, garlic, ginger juice, and sliced leek stem, stir for about a minute
10. Add the chili paste and miso paste then mix it well
11. Add the apple juice and soy sauce, mix it well again
12. Add the dashi
13. Add the soy milk and mix it well again until boiled
14. Add the pepper and salt
15. Adjust the taste and the soup thickness
16. Set heat to small and let it sit while you prepare bowls with the prepared noodle
17. Pour enough amount of the soup per portion
18. Add the toppings
19. Your ramen is ready to serve

For the miso, you can use the Hikari miso because it’s halal and for the chili paste I usually use Indonesian sambal. If you can not find Indonesian sambal you can use gochujang, but please make sure first that the gochujang is halal.

This recipe is easy and delicious, I have tried it a couple times and my family loves it. You should try to cook it too! I hope you like this recipe as much as I enjoy the result.

close photo of ramen
close photo of ramen