2020 will end very soon. We’ve been announced the top access ranking of restaurants and shops registered on Halal Gourmet Japan and we would like to thank you for using the mobile application on App Store and Play Store.

With the end of 2020, we would like to announce the top rank of 2020 as well as to announce that the rank will be temporarily stopped until everything settles and inbounds back.

1. Nikkoken (Sano)

Nikkoken is a famous Sano ramen shop located just a few mins walk from Sano station in Tochigi prefecture. A number of Muslims are visiting the shop just to enjoy the ramen, which tells us how tasty this ramen is!
Additionally, you can come here to snack on the chewy and delicious halal gyoza.
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2. Padma Halal Food (Saitama)

PADMA Halal Food serves various halal foods, from fresh fish and halal meat to spices and various foods imported from different countries. They offer a free shipping fee for orders of more than 10,000 yen. You can check their online store here.
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3. Luxe Burgers (Tokyo)

The popular lamb burger is known as the very first halal burger in Japan. This dish is enjoyed not only by Muslims but also by Japanese customers.
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4. Issho Tokyo Ueno (Tokyo)

Even though they just started to serve halal food this year, Issho’s popularity is unstoppable! Issho is the only place in Tokyo that allows you to have the specialty of halal dishes of Hakata (capital of Fukuoka Prefecture) served by a veteran chef who has 10 years’ experience in Hakata and another 10 years in Tokyo. Besides, this is one of the recommended places to enjoy halal meat.
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5. Japanese Restaurant MATSURI (Osaka)

This most-popular Muslim-friendly-restaurant in Osaka down to rank 5 but it doesn’t stop Muslim and Vegan/Vegetarian customers to enjoy Osaka’s soul food there! Do check Muslim friendly souvenirs to bring back home available at a cute corner inside the restaurant!

6. Kaliber (Tokyo)

Kaliber was first selling the car, then expands to kitchen wares and halal foods in various categories. You can find their halal online shop here.
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7. Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tokyo)

Ginza Itsuki is one of the pioneers in the development of halal in Japan. Comes with its voluminous tempura toppings, it had been a breakthrough as the first Muslim friendly tendon in Japan!

8. Toko Indonesia (Tokyo)

Like the name says, they are selling foods and seasonings directly imported from Indonesia. Besides physical stores located close to Okubo station, they also offer shipping with a minimum order of 5,000 yen on their online store here.
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9. Hakata Uokura  (Fukuoka)

The only place to enjoy halal wagyu beef in Fukuoka as well as the prestige black throat seaperch and spear squid!
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10. Sushiken Asakusa (Tokyo)

Known as the first halal sushi in Japan, Sushiken Asakusa is the best choice to enjoy authentic Japanese sushi. They also have tempura (lunch menu), halal beef, and others.
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