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Kobe Beef is a wagyu brand that Japan boasts to the world. Recently, a Kobe Beef specialty store called “Kobe Motomachi Tatsuya” located near JR Motomachi station, Kobe city has started the sales of Halal Kobe Beef. Tatsuya is an old-house Kobe Beef store that has been in the business since the Meiji era.

About Halal Kobe Beef

The company that processed the meat is an edible meat processing company funded by JA Hyogo Rokko, etc. called “Sanda Shokuniku Kosha”. This company received 40 million yen supplementary funding from Hyogo prefecture as a part of prefectural effort in promoting the expansion of global export of Kobe Beef. Through such support, the company was able to arrange an exclusive slaughter house so that it will not mix with other kinds of meat. Through the effort of hiring Muslim staffs who are well experienced with halal handling domestically, in August of 2014, the company received the halal certification from the religious corporation “Islamic Center Japan”.
※They said that raising by feeding beer is only a rumor, and that they do not use any beer whatsoever.

Tatsuya is also very careful pertaining to preserving of edible meet, and has prepared special storing space exclusive to halal meat.
The company staff told us that although the price is on the expensive side of things, since they have highest degree of confidence when it comes to the quality of taste, they really want Muslims from around the world to try this premium Kobe Beef.

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