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Interviews with Exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019

We will report what is going on at the front line of countermeasures for the 2020 issue through the interviews with exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019 held in Asakusa in November 2019.

Corporate intelligence
Company name Kataguchiya, Ltd.
Company overview Established in 1830 while maintaining the safety and security, we are promoting the development of new products in cooperation with local businesses, prefectures and universities.
Head office location 6362 Hibari, Imizu-shi, Toyama Prefecture
Contact person Kataguchi Toshiaki (Representative Director)
TEL 0766-55-0003
Cell phone : 090-5174-1140
Message / benefits to buyers and visitors Our products are made from yellowtail/amberjack processed with our original technology. With motto “safety and security”, we developed halal foods that is additive free and do not use alcohol or pork. We would like consumers around the world to enjoy our unique fermented foods.

①Please tell us something about your company and products.

With 190 years of history, we have continued to manufacture and sell the miso soy sauce in Toyama. We have been working on the development of seasonings using Japanese amberjack for several years, such as amberjack-based soy sauce and amberjack miso made from fermentation of amberjack, koji, and salt. Furthermore, we also develop “amberjack salt” etc from powdered amberjack soy and whole soybean soy sauce based on our original technology.

②Why you started to venture into the food diversities?

We would like people around the world to enjoy the non-pork non-alcohol and additive free we developed with our original technology with 190 years of history.

③What is the best way to enjoy your products?

The amberjack soy sauce, miso, and salt are taste great with both Japanese and Western food by just adding it a little bit. For the upcoming season where hot pot will be frequently enjoyed, you can simply add the amberjack soy sauce or miso and have the meal one level up! In addition, the newly released amberjack salt goes well with sushi and tempura.

④What are your expectations for exhibiting at the Multicultural Expo 2019?

We look forward to meeting many consumers and businesses who are making various efforts to cope with the multicultural society. We would like many people to enjoy and evaluate our products.

⑤Where to purchase your products?

Toyama Prefecture’s antenna shop in Tokyo (Yurakucho, Nihonbashi), Waseda Natural Food Center, Yoshiike (Okachimachi), etc.

On Multicultural EXPO 2019

By reinterpreting HALAL EXPO JAPAN, “Multicultural EXPO 2019 – Tomorrow of Japan – ” will come back to Asakusa for the first time in two years as an EXPO in which we can think about “eating, experiencing, and living” necessary for Japan to get ready for 2020 together with people from all over the world and learn what to do about not only foreign tourists visiting Japan but also immigrant foreigners.

Host: Multicultural EXPO 2019 Executive Committee
Dates: 10:00 – 17:00 on November 13 (Wed) and 14 (Thu)
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito-Kan
Exhibitors: Halal-related business operators, vege and vegan-related business operators, local governments, regional revitalization organizations, and others.

※For any inquiries about taking part in the event and the EXPO itself, please visit our website.