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Interviews with Exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019

We will report what is going on at the front line of countermeasures for the 2020 issue through the interviews with exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019 held in Asakusa in November 2019.

Corporate intelligence
Company name TREND AGENT INC.
Company overview Domestic and overseas expansion support (survey, sales, business matching, consulting)
Indonesia halal certification (Japan branch for LPPOM MUI)
Various design for domestic-international market, advertising agencies
Visa acquisition agency, interpretation, translation, travel service arrangement
Environment, renewable energy, biomass related business
Head office location 3-31-4-2F Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Contact person Representative : Shiraki  Bahasa Indonesia, English : Saugi
TEL 03-6882-5092
Message / benefits to buyers and visitors We have Japanese Muslims and Indonesian staffs in our company, as well as a strong connection with Indonesia. We offer sales assistance to total support for those who are considering the business expansion and export-import. Feel free to discuss with us if you want to enter the Japanese market. We are also looking for business partners.


①Please tell us something about your products and services (PR points).

LPPOM MUI is an organization that issues halal certification throughout Indonesia and abroad. It has the same function as a Japanese Health Center. The organization is the most well-known and largest organization in halal-related issues and we have a role as its branch in Japan. In addition, we also have a role to connect Indonesia and Japan in cooperation with government agencies and embassy officials. We are able to support and help you in connecting people, stuffs, and cultures by grasping the latest trend in Indonesia.

②Why you started to venture into the food diversities?

To know the latest information in Japan and to promote our activities.

③What are your expectations for exhibiting at the Multicultural Expo 2019?

We would like to meet people with the same aspirations, regardless the nationality.

④What kind of things that buyer/visitors can negotiate with you?

Please consult us about anything related to Indonesia. Our experienced and talented staffs are ready to help and support you in conducting the product development, menu development for restaurants, export-import, as well as create documents and designs.

On Multicultural EXPO 2019

By reinterpreting HALAL EXPO JAPAN, “Multicultural EXPO 2019 – Tomorrow of Japan – ” will come back to Asakusa for the first time in two years as an EXPO in which we can think about “eating, experiencing, and living” necessary for Japan to get ready for 2020 together with people from all over the world and learn what to do about not only foreign tourists visiting Japan but also immigrant foreigners.

Host: Multicultural EXPO 2019 Executive Committee
Dates: 10:00 – 17:00 on November 13 (Wed) and 14 (Thu)
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito-Kan
Exhibitors: Halal-related business operators, vege and vegan-related business operators, local governments, regional revitalization organizations, and others.

※For any inquiries about taking part in the event and the EXPO itself, please visit our website.