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Plant-Based Tart from BAKE!

The BAKE company behind the famous cheese tart brand BAKE CHEESE TART offers Western confectionery from its signature cheese tart to cream puff, apple pie, butter sand, and more. This time, the company launched its new product “plant-based soy tart” on 18 May 2022.

※ Official Press Release (In Japanese)

Today we got the new product from Bake Cheese Tart Gransta Tokyo station branch. The soy tart has the Bake Cheese Tart’s masterpiece “freshly baked cheese tart” with a fluffy inside and crunchy outside texture. Despite the fact that it doesn’t contain milk and eggs, the creaminess can be firmly enjoyed with a gentle taste remains.

The soy tart comes at a price of 300 yen/pcs and is available for a limited period of time, so grab it fast!

*Available from 18 May to 30 June (ends as soon as it runs out)

Where to Purchase

All stores of BAKE CHEESE TART within Japan, BAKE CHEESE TART plus RINGO Lazona Kawasaki Plaza.
*Not available at all BAKE CHEESE TART Sakuramachi Kumamoto stores and BAKE the SHOP stores.

Allergy Information

Wheat and soybeans

Note: Products containing allergens other than the above are manufactured in the same kitchen. Please inquire at the store for details.